About Us

About Us

Who are We?

The Quantum Accelerator Ltd is a Startup Accelerator with plans to build the world's First and Biggest Accelerator Foundation comprising Specialist "Accelerator Platforms for Disruptive Transformation” for Tech startups in India. Google is a Search Platform, Amazon in an e-commerce platform, Facebook is a Social Platform, we are the World's First Foundation of Specialist "Accelerator Platforms for Disruptive Transformation” to the widest variety of Tech Startups. We Transform Startups into Quantum Stories giving the Best Returns, Biggest Breakouts, most Game Changing Paradigm Shifts, Economic Value Add, and most Disruptive and Innovative Growth.

How do we make Disruptive money ?

We make disruptive money by disrupting the Acceleration of high-potential startups and Transforming them into quantum-value startups. We raise funds for the Disruptive Acceleration of the Startup from Institutional Investors by issuing our listed equity Stocks and other financial instruments. We also become the “Gateway Company” for Institutional Investors for their Investments in Unlisted Startups as their several funds cannot directly invest in unlisted Startups.

What is the Offer ?

We invite you to become a Part of India’s Biggest, Fastest, and most disruptive Startup Accelerator Story by Investing in our company. We will offer you listed shares of our company against your investments. Your Rs1.00 invested with our Accelerator could give you a return of Rs10.00 in the next 5 years.